Friday, August 3, 2012

Dallas Texas Bathtub Refinishing Specialist

Are you in or around Dallas, Tx. and looking for a quality Dallas bathtub refinishing company? Why hire outside the Dallas area? I have lived in the Dallas area my entire life and been refinishing Bathtubs in the Dallas area for the last 21 years. The best part is I still do all the bathtub refinishing work myself! So when I show up to refinish your bathtub you know I am bringing with me 21 years of experience. Not a company that has been in business for 20 or 30 years and simply hires others to do the work with very little training and virtually no experience. Please take a minute to visit my website: FUSION FINISH and see my full price list and learn about bathtub refinishing, bathtub refinishing prices, and the bathtub refinishing process. The Dallas area is my home. The Dallas area is where my Bathtub refinishing business has been for 21 years.
Fusion Finish of Dallas will restore your Bathtub, Shower or Tile to a like new condition in only a few hours with AMERICAN MADE porcelain coatings that can be used in (4) hours! NOT 4 days! My work is backed by a fully transferable warranty so you can rest easy knowing it was completed the right way!
Repaired large chips, chemically cleaned,
chemically etched the old surface,
Applied my FUSION Primer to the old surface.

Then applied the correct thickness of porcelain finish coat
Allowing the proper flash time between coats
finish result is a high gloss, ultra durable tub
that will last 20+ years!